Token Programs

The Lightforms.CC project involves more than one token.  Each of these Waves based tokens are intended to have specific uses but are part of a larger eco-system known at the LightForms.CC Platform.

In order to build this platform we have broken down the various components of the eco-system into distinct but connected parts. From smart assets and contracts dealing with sound to master node servers, CG art creation, processing and payment services, each token program that we are launching over the course of the next 16 months (or less) provides the framework for that eco-system. More information about these programs is listed here along with links to their respective websites and or light/white papers. For the purposes of keeping things simple and to not confuse those reviewing our projects before they are ready to be announced, limited information regarding each token program will be made available for the time being.

The first two token programs we are rolling out in order, are as follows:

LightForge Token
Token ID: EjEqXE11cThcnE64cDQEcnpeod2v5Rpdj6a8sjyJ6dvR

Total amount: 98,990,110
Decimal points:4
Type: Not reissuable
Issue date: 01.01.2019 08:38
Status: Currently trading on the Waves DEX, launched: Jan 1. 2019
Light/White Paper
Token ID: Coming Soon (Don’t purchase what is on Waves DEX currently)

Total amount: TBD
Decimal points: TBD
Type: Not reissuable
Issue date: TBD
Status: TBD
Light/White Paper (Coming soon!)