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Slipstream partners with LightForms.CC in Augmented Reality deal.

XOV is proud to announce a strategic partnership with LightForms.CC – a US based giant in Augmented Reality (AR) merchandise and development including digital action figure, virtual playsets and vehicles.

This will see films, sports and entertainment IP being transposed into AR environments and mobile applications utilizing digital currency payment processes – bringing major Hollywood and sports franchises to the blockchain.

The Slipstream network will be providing crypto-currency payment services to LightForms.CC and its clients in a digital deal worth millions in potential revenues, including the provision of prepaid digital currency cards. There are over 1 billion AR devices capable of receiving content in this growing marketplace.

As part of the deal, will be listing their currency on the XOV DEX (DAMP). XOV CEO, David Alexander-Knowles said;

I am delighted to bring LightForms.CC in as a partner to our new blockchain payments business in what presents itself as a huge opportunity to combine crypto-currency usage with video gaming and AR environments and merchandise, including people who work in the industry. I am pleased that LightForms.CC
have chosen us to provide mass volume card production for them and their clients.

Multi-award winning CG Supervisor, VFX artist, Kelly Lee Myers who is the  LightForms.CC CEO and creator of the Digital Action Figures and Virtual Playsets concept, stated:

By working with the Slipstream network, our LightForms.CC ecosystem now has a complete solution for providing LightForms.CC collectors as well as creators of LighForms.CC certified crypto-collectible augmented reality toys to engage with each other, as well as our certified LightForms.CC authorized factories which we are bringing online. By combining all of these elements together we are bringing to life an end-to-end product solution that is the first of its kind in history. We are extremely excited about the potential explosion for this new sector in the entertainment and toy industries and beyond.

Companies interested in working with Slipstream and to bring their own AR crypto-collectible toy lines should contact

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