LightForms.CC Products

We are just about ready to launch or store section here on LightForms.CC

Our store will feature a combination of our own technology products and training programs. In addition to these we will be able to offer many trusted, certified LightForms.CC software and hardware solutions that will provide companies and artists with the right tools and training to make LightForms AR toys and interactive experiences

We are working hard to bring you these products and technology solution quickly and offer the to you in the most cost effective manner. This means bundles and stand alone product as well.

One of our flagship products will be the LightForms.CC Content Creation Tool Kit. More information on this Tool Kit will be made available shortly.

Customers wishing to jump into things right away can actually do so by checking out two of our primary software solutions for creating LightForms using affordable Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality software and Hardware.

Two software products that we have developed that are included in the LightForms.CC Content Creation Tool Kit are highlighted in the videos on your right and available at, today.

These products are in active development for several years by our team at Declaration Pictures Inc.  and are battle tested by hundreds of users around the world.

They are AR Portfolio and GlyconVR.

Check out the videos below but be aware that their final pricing is subject to change as well as their final specifications and capabilites which will be beyond their current function set found in the videos below.

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The LightForge 3D Scanning Booth

Formerly known at the 3D Figurine Me 3D Scanning booth, this hardware and software solution for high-end, yet affordable Photogrammetry to 3D dataset creation system is quickly moving into version 2.0 status. The final unit will be incredibly flexible and works with our LightForge Master Node software and is part of our LightForge Token launch. For more information please click here.

LightForge 3D Scanning Booth 1.0 Prototype

The turn-table style animated GIF images below are actual un-edit renders representative of the raw 3d dataset output results from the 1.0 version of the LighForge 3D Scanner system. This is made possible by a highly advanced software solution that accurately and more importantly, quickly, generates clean 3D object mesh data with quality texture results. 

Because of the incredibly high accuracy produced by the LightForge 3D Scanner, direct to print solutions become possible and makes for wonderful a way to bring to life real-world figurine toys as well.  We will have more information shortly about those these 3D printed items can be made collectible too!