The bright future of Cyber-Collectibles: LightForms

Digital Action Figures, Virtual Play-sets and Vehicles made interactive through Augmented Reality; collectible and trade-able through the blockchain.

We’re reinventing the world of cyber-collectibles and conventional toy figurine merchandise. Indeed, transmedia merchandise and entertainment IP and how it is created and distributed, will never be the same with LightForms on the scene. Over 1 Billion AR capable devices and their users are waiting to be fed amazing, engaging content. We make it easy to make content for these devices and we make that content collectible. Imagine, 1 Billion devices with global market penetration right now. That’s a massive, hungry market!

We are making it possible for anyone to create their own collectible, Augmented Reality Toy Line (and beyond).

How do we do it?

By taking full advantage of all of the benefits of WavesPlatform blockchain technology, wraps the advanced capabilities of Waves Smart Asset, Smart Contract and Smart Account token technology, around 3D CG model and scene data sets and realize them through Augmented Reality where they become interactive. The end result is Digital Action Figures, Vehicles and Playsets. They become digital “toys” that have tangible value as they can be bought, sold, traded, upgraded and more. Their value is established not only in their creation (the process to make them), but further so by tokenization, complete with serial numbers. They can be limited in number and even in their capability as a result or the complete opposite. The options are almost limitless. Tokenization of digitial CG (computer graphics) data  leads to an effective solution for digital rights management and has only become truly possibly this year, due to recent advancement advancements in blockchain technology, specially the combination of Smart Wallets, Assets, Contracts through the Waves Platform.

LightForms are essentially “light from data” and we bring them to life by processing them for mobile AR Core/Kit compatible devices using our LightForms Content Creation tool kit. This tool kit is made up of a combination of our own technology as well as several technology partners products. All of these complimentary tools that we have hand picked and tested work together in a pipeline that we have developed for the purpose of quickly, easily and cost effectively produce the most high-end AR toys and experiences with them, possible; LightForms.… is the future of toys.