LightForms Factories

Platinum Platypus

Based in New York, Platinum Platypus provides complete film, tv, visual effects services for a multitude of clients and is our first, fully authorized LightForms.CC Factory.
Going beyond just the creation of LightForms.CC toys, Platinum Platypus has a full team of artits, animators, camera operators, producers, copywriters and editors.
These talented professionals are among the best of the best and can work with just about any company or creator who wishes to bring new entertainment property to life and establish it as a next generation entertainment franchise complete with LightForms.CC crypto-collectible merchandise.
Or, work with a company who has an established IP already and take it to the next level working with the LightForms.CC eco-system. The possibilities are limitless.

Additive Design Studio

Since 2006, Houston based Additive Design Studio has been the master of additive manufacturing.
Also fully authorized as a LightForms.CC Factory, Additive Design Studio is capable of not only producing high quality LightForms.CC compliant models and experiences in Augmented Reality but can turn them into real products that you can hold and touch in the real world. A perfect combination for companies looking to roll off prototypes or limited edition runs of physical product that is based on the exact same data sets used to produce LightForms.CC Toys.